Tips To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress If You’re Pregnant

There are many couples who are doing things the unconventional way. Life as we know it isn’t the same as what is was many years ago where you first got married then had children. In some instances, there are couples who have fallen pregnant while doing their wedding planning. At the end of the day, you still need to make your wedding day as special as possible.

One aspect which will need special attention now that three of you will be walking down the aisle is your wedding dress. With many women feeling self-conscious about the way they look, you’ll want to ensure your wedding dress fits you at the stage of your pregnancy in relation to your wedding day. Herewith are some factors to take into consideration if you need to plan your wedding dress design while being pregnant.

Spend Time Doing Your Research

Call a few bridal boutiques to see if they can assist you with a dress while you are pregnant. You will need to bare your size in mind at the time of your wedding when giving them information. This will save both you and the bridal boutique some time. If they don’t have any dresses available what alternative can they assist you with through alterations.

Getting the Right Balance Between Hiding Your Baby Bump and Flaunting It

Some women don’t necessarily want their baby bumps to stand out on their big day. Therefore, it’s important to take your silhouette as well as the style of the dress into consideration when choosing a design.

For those who wish to conceal their belly a bit, a strapless waist dress with some lace might be a smarter dress option for you. For those women who want their baby bump to be a part of their special day, you can go with a more figure hugging dress with a band just below your bust to make it more defined.

Stop Stressing, Your Baby Bump Is Going to Get Bigger

Many women worry about if their dress will fit them by the time their wedding day arrives. Stop stressing! Of course, it will fit you, and if it doesn’t there is an easy solution. You can incorporate additional panels and layers of fabric into your dress to give you more room to move.

Comfort is everything when you are pregnant and it’s for this very reason we recommend you keep your dress design simple if you know you’re going to walk down the aisle pregnant. Remember to choose fabrics which are soft as you don’t want to make your dress too heavy and put strain on yourself.

These are just some points to bear in mind when choosing a wedding dress while you’re pregnant. If you need help with your selection, be sure to contact the team at Ever After Bridal. With their advanced knowledge in the industry, they’ll assist you in finding you the perfect wedding dress to ensure you and your bundle of joy are comfortable on your big day.