What to wear when you go to fittings for your wedding dress in Cape Town.

These may seem like no-brainers, but, the last thing any bride wants to experience is a wedding dress disaster on her wedding day, simply because, for instance, the bra just doesn’t work with the dress, or the dress is too short because the heels are too high!

Whether you’ve decided on A-line silhouette, Mermaid or Ball gown, short, long, sexy, sassy or classic, there are a few basics you need to keep in mind as you start a round of fittings for the wedding dress of your dreams!

What to wear and what to focus on during wedding dress fittings:


Think about it this way; you have a favourite evening dress you love, you already know exactly which bra works best with it, and which turns it into a dress you hate!

It’s the same principle when fitting on a wedding dress – wearing the wrong bra to a fitting is going to leave you at a distinct disadvantage.  Wear a bra you know you’ll be comfortable in on the big day, as sexy and sassy or simple as you’d like it to be.

Wearing the bra you plan to wear for your wedding gives you a major head-start as you head for fittings – a bra can completely change just how great a dress could look on you.  You won’t believe the difference the right bra makes in finding your dream wedding dress!


Make sure you wear shoes that are a suitable height for the dress you visualise; don’t arrive at the fitting in flat pumps when you’re going to be wearing heals to the wedding, or vice versa!


If you have any circles under your eyes, one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that in a sea of white silks and satins, you could look more than just a little stark!  Just a light touch of foundation will fix that up for the fittings.

Another thing to take into consideration is that pink lipstick is also going to fade into the background at fittings.  Choose a lipstick colour as close to the one you’ll be wearing on the special day!

Helpful hint:  Take a scarf with to gently cover your hair and face to protect the wedding gowns you are trying on from makeup stains.

Whatever you do, don’t use self-tanner as you prepare to go for your first fittings; the stains on dresses you don’t intend to wear will be horrendous….and costly!


Whether you’re planning to wear your hair up or down, try to wear it the way you plan to come the wedding day.  There’s no need to go the full distance, but you get the general idea.

Aisle Test:

Once you’ve found your dream wedding dress, make sure you put the whole ensemble together; veil, shoes, tiara and accessories and do the ‘walk’!

You need to know just how confident and comfortable you will be as you walk down the aisle so go ahead, twirl, sit, spin and dance in the dress just to be sure.

Remember; comfort equals absolute confidence!

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