To wear a white wedding dress or not!

Queen Victoria started it all when she wore ‘virginal’ white at her wedding, however, things have come a long way since then!

Times have definitely changed, which is great news for brides who are determined not to be governed by tradition, but rather to express their personality and style in a decidedly unique way on their wedding day.

This also holds true for couples who take immense pleasure in doing things differently, on all levels.

The day of the wedding is the celebration of your union, exchanging vows to love and cherish each other on the rest of your journey, as man and wife – vows that are going to last long after the wedding ceremony.

While everyone who’s anyone is poking and prodding with their own views on what constitutes the perfect wedding dress for you, you are welcome to thumb your nose at them and remind them that it’s your day, not theirs!

If the colour you choose for your wedding dress is a perfect reflection of your personality, style and soul, you’re the one who’s going to look and feel like a dream as you glide down the aisle!

The picture you’ve had of yourself on your wedding day is the way you deserve to look, even if it isn’t a white dress!  The friends and family joining you for the happy occasion care more about the fact that you will be feeling beautiful than whether you are wearing white or not.

If your everyday wardrobe is filled with clothes that offset your skin tone beautifully, why shouldn’t the same apply for your wedding dress?

This is definitely not to say that white wedding dresses are out, not by any means, however, certain skin tones can look washed out in pure white.

If you aren’t ready for a rainbow wedding dress but your skin tone needs something a little softer than dazzling white to show you in the best possible light, then the wedding gowns designed by top international designers on display at Ever After Bridal will take your breath away.

All the designer dresses on display at Ever After Bridal in their bridal stores in Cape Town and Nelspruit are available in shades other than pure white.

Violet, champagne, rose and gold are just the tip of the iceberg where it comes to new colour options for wedding dresses!  Colour can also be added in the embellishments on the gown, while accessories also give you the option of adding splashes of colour to create the wedding dress of your dreams.

Whether you choose dreamy, billowing layers of white, head for cream or champagne, or decide that the colour of your wedding dress is going to be a completely unique expression of your own personality and desire to do things differently, always keep the focus on the fact that it’s your wedding and only your opinion counts in the end!

Ever After Bridal would love to take the journey with you as you negotiate what can be a very daunting experience, so that on the day you approach the love of your life, you will indeed feel like the princess you always dreamed you would be!