What not to do in the week leading up to your wedding!

By the time you start planning your wedding, even before you get to your wedding dress, you’ll find yourself faced with a bunch of dos and don’ts that’ll make it all a little easier, however, the list of what not to do in the week leading up to your wedding is very important.

The major reason behind some of these ‘don’ts’ is that you’re probably already a jumble of nerves and working hard to avoid a meltdown of any kind at this late stage of the game, and this is when it’s easier to make mistakes that will be to your detriment.

Here’s what not to do in the week leading up to the wedding:

Please don’t try a new hairstyle!

The hairstyle you’ve worn to all your fittings should be the one you wear on your wedding day. By the time it gets to the final week it could be a major mistake to fiddle with your hairstyle. Why? Well, it could be a flop, or, it could change the look you wanted in your wedding dress, the one that looked so good at fittings!

Even trying out new hair products can have a negative impact on your hair. Stick to what you know at this crucial stage of the wedding plans!

Don’t try new skin care products!

If you decide to change skin care products in the week leading up to your wedding you could be looking at breaking out into rashes or, even worse if possible, finding pimples glowing back at you in the mirror!

This is definitely a good time to stick to what your skin loves, so that you glow as you say your vows on your big day!

Stick to your tried and tested workout routine

If you want to glide down the aisle gracefully don’t try to work your legs or butt too hard if it’s not part of your usual workout, it could see you gingerly making your way to the altar in great pain!

Stick to what your body is used to and you’ll do the graceful thing with absolute ease! We don’t want you wincing in pain on your way to say your vows!

Self-tanning methods or trying to catch a quick tan in the sun is a very bad idea!

You don’t want your beautiful skin to be peeling as you walk down the aisle, nor do you want to look like the Oros man after trying to use instant tanning products on your skin; a tan can wait for the honeymoon!

A tanning specialist is your best bet if you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll glow on your wedding day, and not because you’re a bright orange colour!

Say no to too much caffeine!

If you’ve got butterflies that aren’t flying in formation in this final week, you can be sure that they’ll be even less so if you fuel up on too much caffeine, which actually only serves to make the nerves even more sensitive.

Get plenty of sleep no matter how tough it is!

We know it’s virtually impossible to sleep peacefully in the build-up to the big day, but make a deal with yourself to make sure you get the requisite seven to eight hours a night! This is a sure recipe to helping you look like a dream princess on your wedding day.

Be frugal with wine consumption!

If ever there was a time for you to try and still your nerves with a glass or two of your favourite wine, now’s the time. However, if you go over the glass or two limit, you’re skin will be dehydrated, which is the last thing you want if you want to be a glowing bride!

No doubt, if you’ve chosen the team at Ever After Bridal Wear for the journey to the designer wedding dress you’ll be wearing as you glide down the aisle, you’ll have had more than enough professional and caring tips to make you look and feel like a princess on your wedding day!

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