Whatever you do, don’t do this in the week leading up to your wedding!

There are a whole lot of dos and don’ts involved in planning a wedding, however, that week leading up to the day is one that calls for a few very definite don’ts!

Why are they don’ts? Because we’re nervous wrecks and don’t necessarily make the best decisions in our desperation to avoid melting down in this crucial week!

If you’re not sure you can keep yourself from some of these all on your lonesome, hand your friends a list of the things you know you shouldn’t do at this stage, so that they can help keep you on track.

So, to what not to do:

Don’t add new exercises to your workout routine

You already know your workout routine, but if you decide at this late stage that you’d like more defined pecs and add a new exercise into the mix, you could be looking at having a hard time throwing the bouquet, because of muscles that have been worked too hard!

Don’t suddenly work your legs or butt too hard either, you may find that gliding down the aisle gracefully goes right out the window as you wince down it instead!

Don’t mess with your hair style

As tempting as it may be to do a complete makeover for your wedding may be, don’t! The hairstyle you kinda stuck to during your fittings should ultimately be the one you wear on the day.

Failing that, you could be looking at a style you can do nothing about if it’s an abject failure. Stick to what you know for your hair, which includes sticking to hair products you’re familiar with. 3 months ago would have been a better time to experiment with your hair, not the week before the big day!

Don’t tempt fate with new skin care products!

Don’t use any skin care product that could produce a rash or extra pimples on your wedding day. Again, stick to what your skin loves so that you glow as you say your vows!

Avoid the temptation to have a chemical peel or microdermabrasion at this time as well. If you wanted to do any non-surgical beauty treatment before the wedding, do it a lot earlier. Your beauty therapist will tell you when it would be best to do any of these treatments ahead of the wedding date.

Don’t mainline on caffeine

Oh the temptation! If the butterflies you’ll be experiencing aren’t flying in formation in this final week, you can be absolutely certain that caffeine will send them into overdrive. Don’t do it, no matter how desperate you are to keep it together with caffeine!

Or, mainline on wine!

Adding extra glasses of wine to your usual menu won’t do you any favours either, it’ll only bring very temporary stress relief! In fact, your skin won’t be glowing on your wedding day due to the fact that alcohol dehydrates the skin, which isn’t the effect you’d like on the most important day of your life! Moderation in all things is a good measure for this time.

Don’t meddle with self-tanning or sun exposure

Another absolute no, no! Anything could go wrong when you expose tan lines to an extra dose of rays, that’s a plan that will fit better with the honeymoon!  Instant spray tans and other self-tanning options? Nope!

There are gentler ways to get an even tan before your wedding day than these, which makes it well worth your time to speak to a tanning specialist about test tanning a lot sooner than this last week.

Don’t lose sleep…if you can help it!

Yes, it’s hard to sleep when the excitement builds by the hour, but, you owe it to the vision of yourself as a bride to make sure you get the requisite seven to eight hours a night!

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