If a white wedding dress doesn’t suit your complexion, change it up completely with a colour you love!

Well, we’ve hit the 21st century and wearing a white wedding dress is no longer demanded or expected. Thankfully, for brides who look a little paler than they need to in white, there are other options today!

So, what are the colour choices we have today for outrageously beautiful designer wedding dresses?

A whole lot more than ever before, that’s for sure!

Let’s look at a few of the colour choices in this line-up:

  • Muted Shades of Blue:

Very fair-skinned blondes who are planning on a wedding at the edge of the ocean look bright, fresh and utterly natural in the softest of muted blues.

White doesn’t always play well on very fair skin, especially when the wedding is planned for the afternoon, but add a bit of blue and you’ll truly be a blushing bride!

  • Shades of Oyster Grey:

Imagine it. Beautiful mocha or darker skin swathed in Oyster Grey! The contrast couldn’t be more stunning! Adding a touch of bright sparkly accessories and shiny, rich colours in your veil to be a dream bride that shines on your wedding day!

Metallics are no longer just for tasteful interior décor. The designer wedding dress scene has been completely revolutionised and dramatized by inviting metallic silver and gold into the picture for unforgettable wedding dresses!

  • Shine in Silver:

A silver wedding dress is an iridescent, glamorous look for any bride looking for an indescribably chic look!  Imagine what can be done with beading, edging and other embellishments in an even shinier silver!

No one sitting on either side of the aisle will be able to stop their jaws from dropping!

Note to all brides-to-be: whether it’s a silver, white, or blue wedding dress, every bride is the epitome of beauty as she sashays down the aisle to her dashing Prince Charming!

  • Glitter in Gold:

If you absolutely love gold, then a golden designer wedding dress will bring the gold from within you out into sheer radiance!

This rich, warm colour also deserves the very best in embellishments to turn you into a glittering Princess on your wedding day.  There is so much that can be done to turn either a metallic silver or gold wedding dress into a breath-taking vision on your wedding day that the possibilities are endless.

  • Mocha Brown:

This is a dark, bold and sultry look for any bride unafraid to ooze sensuality on her special, once-in-a-lifetime day!  The embellishments that can happen on this rich, warm colour are endless.  Keep it simple or go wild and add touches of gold or blue or…or…or dusky pink, it all depends on how you feel!

  • Wildflowers:

Whether you want to add embellishments and colourful wildflower embroidery to bring spring into your wedding dress, or add realistic flower appliques to any other colour you choose to wear on your wedding day, you will be a pure reflection of nature in all its glory floating down the aisle!

Speak to Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town, South Africa, to find out more about the magic they can help to create with beautiful designer dresses that fill their rails.

With this passionate team, anything and everything is possible.  Just bring your dream to them and they’ll make it a reality that will echo down through generations in your wedding album!