The Ever After Bridal team is passionate about turning brides into princesses.

When it comes to the process of trying on what may well feel like an endless procession of beautiful wedding dresses, the emotions and ups and downs that will inevitably accompany your journey to that one perfect dress, you will need a team who stand by you through the thick and thin of it, and if ever there was a team like this, then the ladies at Ever After Bridal fit the description perfectly!

You will have nothing less than their undivided attention through every step, every laugh and every tear of frustration that may be shed, and with over six years worth of experience and hundreds of beautiful brides dressed by Ever After Bridal, you can have absolute peace of mind about the kind of support and guidance only a team like this can bring to what they are totally passionate about.

It is your final decision that counts the most and it is only your joy that matters in the end for the Ever After Bridal team, not that of friends or family, who while they mean well could also confuse the issue completely, so while it may be important for you to have someone close to you along for the exciting ride, try to keep the entourage to a minimum in order to give yourself space to breathe.

No doubt, like every other bride starting out on the path to her perfect wedding dress you may have made many bookmarks in bridal magazines and scoured online portfolios or catalogues by the hundreds, you may well find that when confronted by the exquisite range of wedding dresses designed by three world renowned designers that all the homework will fly out the window!

Let the team at Ever After Bridal take you on a journey that is much more about joy and excitement than stress as you prepare for the day you walk down the aisle looking like a princess!

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