Here’s a team that gives their all to guide you to the wedding dress of your dreams

There’s only one very special request the ladies at Ever After Bridal may make of you as you take your first steps to your dream wedding dress;  that’s that if you have the time, after your honeymoon of course, to drop by with your wedding album to share your joy with them!


This is, simply put, a pure expression of the passion they have for what they’ve been doing for over ten years now, which is becoming part of the journey of many a bride as she goes about finding her dream wedding dress with them.


Budget does not define your right to wear a designer wedding dress at Ever After Bridal, because whether you buy or hire one of their stunning designer wedding dresses, you’ll receive the same personal attention, depth of compassion and thrill of excitement you deserve on the way to your once-in-a-lifetime day.


The designer wedding dresses in the Ever After Bridal Wear Store in Durbanville, Cape Town or on their website, are a breath-taking vision of what you can look forward to during your experience with this passionate, experienced team. They’ll make sure that by the time you have chosen your wedding dress, you’ll be absolutely certain it’s the one that expresses everything about who you are, and the princess you deserve to be, on your wedding day!


Always keep in mind that everyone and their aunty is going to have an opinion about a hundred things you should or shouldn’t do, and there’ll be plenty to face about your dress if you bring a too-large entourage along to fittings as well, however, this team will remind you that it’s your dress, your day!


Whatever support you bring along to your fittings at Ever After Bridal should be limited, think carefully about who should be allowed on this very special journey with you, everyone else can simply wait for your arrival in the doorway at the start of your unforgettable walk down the aisle!


Give the Ever After Bridal team of ladies your dream and they’ll stand by you through thick and thin until the day you stand in front of the mirror and know, this is it, this is the wedding dress that’ll carry you beautifully into a new life.


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