How to make shopping for a wedding dress easier

Shopping for ordinary and even extraordinary clothes is enough of a challenge for us ladies, but when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress, all other shopping pales into insignificance.

The decision you finally make when you find the wedding dress that’s a dream come true is a finality, and once you’re committed, that’s it.

There’s no changing your mind and deciding to pull out that designer cocktail dress you bought a few months back. This is one dress you’ll only wear once, the once that culminates in gliding down the aisle to wow your Prince Charming.

Knowing where to start hiring or buying a designer dress in Cape Town is the beginning of a daunting journey, but, with the right people at your side, it can also be a joyful and exciting experience.

Many will tell you stories about their nightmare experiences, but this is where discernment will have to be your best friend.

So, to the when and how to get yourself amped and ready to shop for the dress of your dreams.

Think budget

Planning the budget for a wedding dress and sticking to it, allowing a little leeway, is going to make sure you don’t get steered towards a wedding dress you can’t afford.

Once you’ve tried the over-budget dress on and fallen in love with it, letting it go is going to be very hard for you, and it’ll be a nasty experience of falling flat on your face before you’ve even started.

Know your shape

It’s pointless looking at an A-line wedding dress if you want to show off that beautifully curved shape that would look phenomenal in a mermaid or sheath dress.

If you’re elegantly tall, you will look stunning in a ball gown, but if you’re petite, an A-line dress with a V neck is going to shine on you.

Keep your homework at the ready

No doubt you’re either starting or are already way ahead in scouring bridal websites and Pinterest for ideas. Take all your homework with to your first fitting for a great place to start.

No matter what you find on the way to your dream wedding dress, always have an open mind.  You may surprise yourself and find that you say yes to a dress that’s completely different to what you’d planned, but that steals your heart and really makes you look like a princess anyway.

Pick your entourage with care

This is more important than you might think. Consider taking your mom or one or two really good friends to your fittings.  Make sure you don’t include anyone that’ll say yes to everything, no matter how bad you may look in a particular dress.

You’ll also be in a bit of a pickle if you find yourself in the hands of a bridal consultant stuck on yes as well! What you really want is honesty from all quarters, just remember throughout the experience, it’s your choice, your wedding.

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