How to make shopping for a designer wedding dress easier on you

Shopping for plain ole’ day-to-day clothes or even extraordinary clothes, is always somewhat of a challenge for us ladies at the best of times, but when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress, every other kind of shopping experience pales into insignificance.

It’s the knowledge that the decision you make when you find dress that makes your wedding dress dream come true is one that is final, and that’s that. There’s no going back once the decision has been made.

It’s not as if you can change your mind and pull out your little designer cocktail dress you bought a few months back for a special occasion! This is one dress you’re only going to wear once, and, it’ll be the once that culminates in gliding down the aisle to blow your Prince Charming out of his shoes!

It’s pretty daunting to know where to start hiring or buying a designer dress in Cape Town, but, with the right people at your side, it can turn into a joyful and exciting experience.  Flatly ignore those who tell you stories about their wedding dress nightmare experiences, because this is where discernment will be your best friend.

Thoughts on how to make shopping for a designer wedding dress easier on you!

Keep all your wedding dress ideas at the ready for your first fitting

Take all the homework you may have done by pouring over bridal websites, bridal fairs and Pinterest with to your first fitting. This’ll be a really great way to start the journey.

Try though to keep an open mind, no matter what you find on the way to your dream wedding dress.  You may be in for a pleasant surprise and find that a dress or style you may never have considered steals your heart, and, you still get to walk down the aisle looking like a true princess that you’ll be!

Be open & serious about your budget

Sticking to the budget you’ve planned out for your wedding dress, allowing a little leeway for an alteration or accessory or two along the way is your protection against being steered towards a wedding dress you can’t afford.

Once you’ve fitted the over-budget dress and fallen in love with it, letting it go is going to be painful and a real let down when you need it least, and, could possibly rob you of inspiration for the next round of fittings.

Be careful about who you bring along to fittings!

This is a tip that’s more important than you may realise. The best would be to take your mom as well as one or two really good friends to your fittings.  Make sure you don’t include anyone that’ll say yes to everything, no matter how bad you may look in a particular dress. Also, make sure you don’t take your beloved but bitchy bud with either!

Research the right silhouette to celebrate your body shape!

If you are proud of your beautifully curved shape, don’t even think about an A-line silhouette, it would not do any justice to your natural beauty; however, you could look phenomenal in a mermaid or sheath dress.

A ball gown is going to turn you into a real princess if you’re elegantly tall, and, if you’re perfectly petite the A-line dress with a V neck is going to make the most of your assets!

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