Perfect wedding dresses to suit the style & personality of every bride in the making

Soft dreamy fabric, sparkling with touches of diamante and sequins, are your welcome into the world of Ever After Bridal, introducing you to a team who will support you with expert guidance and individual attention on the journey to a wedding dress that’ll make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.


This is a team that’s so passionate about making dreams come true for every bride they meet, that they’ll give their all to offer support that only experience and individual attention brings. These are qualities that make Ever After Bridal an exception to the norm in an industry that can fleece brides if there’s no integrity involved.


Ever After Bridal understands that this is a challenging journey for each bride, and in light of this, every member of the team is available to make difficult choices so much easier as you go through fitting after fitting.


Ever After Bridal has been dressing brides in exquisite wedding dresses from three of the top designers in the world for 9 years, and the bottom line for this successful team is to share your hopes and dreams all the way, right up until the day you find the wedding dress you fall in love with.


With the experience that the team at Ever After Bridal brings to the table, they know exactly how to make the process of every choice and fitting as easy as it could be. This means they do all they can to alleviate some of the stress most brides experience while making the final decision for a precious dress that’ll only be worn once.


No doubt you’ve heard stories from friends and others about horrid experiences while shopping for a wedding dress, but, as many brides dressed by Ever After Bridal will tell you, what this team offers is exceptional care and compassion.


Knowing that each bride is looking for the perfect dress to suit her own style and unique personality, the team at Ever After Bridal is committed to guiding you to find the dress that not only captures your heart, but also expresses every quality that makes you exceptional.


When you’re ready to start shopping for a wedding dress, give the team at Ever After Bridal a call and they’ll lead the way to the most beautiful designer wedding dresses in Cape Town!

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