Think about colour nuances when shopping for a wedding dress

Once you’ve zoomed in on the silhouette, mood and personal style of your dream wedding dress with the caring guidance of the team at Ever After Bridal at your side, you may want to start thinking about the right shade of white or colour to compliment your skin tone in the dress.

The colour of your dress will contribute as much to feeling confident and beautiful on your wedding day as the silhouette and mood will, and the hue of the fabric will do the same for your unique colouring.

The designer wedding dresses chosen by the team at Ever After Bridal have been selected from renowned designers such as Maggi Sottero and Rebecca Ingram, and there are colours that cross the spectrum from stark white to creamy ivory, bold pinks and light blues for you to choose from, working from the palette of your own colouring.

Choosing the right colour wedding dress will accentuate and complement your skin tone. It’s worth noting that stark or diamond white dresses may wash out those with fair skin, in which case you’d be better off looking at something with a warmer ivory tone or soft gold shade.

The passionate team at Ever After Bridal will assist you to try on different shades of white or tones of colour until you find the hue perfect for you.  No doubt Ever After Bridal will make sure that you’ll be able to see what your dress looks like in natural light and indoor lighting, as this does have an effect on what the colour does for your natural colouring!

Your wedding dress represents everything that’s unique in you, and by putting your best foot forward during fittings, you’ll have a pretty good idea about how you’ll look and feel on your special day.

Consider this too during fittings; if you feel great in curls, makeup and high heels, or, in clear lip gloss and flats, go for it. This’ll just make it a lot easier to visualise the whole effect during fittings!

Remember, buying or renting your dream wedding dress from Ever After Bridal is an emotional decision so make sure you shop feeling like the best possible version of yourself!  No matter how long the journey takes, you’ll have a very special team at your side to guide and support you every step of the way!

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