Will your wedding dress be an expression of who you are?

The venue, the décor and the theme of your wedding will be an expression of the unity and style of the relationship you share with the lucky man you’ll be exchanging vows with, but, your wedding dress is the one place where everything you are, and all that’s unique about you will be in the spotlight.

Your wedding dress will be the final thread that brings everything together on your wedding day, setting the tone for the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

This is going to be the first and last time your groom will watch in awe as you move up the aisle to him as a vivid image of beauty he has come to love, an image he will never forget.

Every woman is beautiful, whether tall, short, petit or curvaceous, and let no one tell you any differently. You may not be able to wear a form-fitting fishtail wedding dress, but, your beauty will shine through in a breath-taking ball gown style, for instance.

It’s not the dress that matters half as much as what it says about you on the day, so let no one stand in your way of being a stunning version of who you already are. After all, that’s who your Prince Charming fell in love with!

Having a point of reference in terms of the style of wedding dress you’re planning on wearing is absolutely necessary, so here are a few of the basics that you can look at to create the effect you’re hoping for on your wedding day.

An Expression of Romance

If looking like a true Cinderella on your wedding day is front and centre of your hopes, then heading for luxurious, frothy fabrics in layer after layer of dreaminess will do you well.  A ball gown with beautiful embellishments and crystals would be a good point of reference if romance is what you’ve been dreaming of on your wedding day.

An Expression of Creativity

This is where you really do get to do things your way, combining textures and touches of colour to create a mix of the old and the new in a way that only you can do it.  If the Gypsy, Bohemian or leather and lace look makes your heart beat faster, this is where you get to express it without limitations.

An Expression of Drama

If you look at what wedding dress designers are doing on the catwalks for true dramatic effect, you’ll be encouraged to create a wedding dress that expresses your penchant for the dramatic on your wedding day.

New colours for wedding dresses are emerging all the time, which means that if you want to sashay down the aisle in a purple and lilac creation just do it! It’s your prerogative!

A Modern, Contemporary Expression

This is truly a wide open field that says brides can take a fashion-forward route in terms of wedding dresses, so if wearing a shorter hemline, panels that are sheer, applique and the more casual fabrics grabs your attention, then you’re definitely going to fit into the modern, contemporary style of wedding dress.

A Classic Expression

There is nothing like a classic wedding dress to speak volumes for timeless sophistication.  The femininity of an understated, elegant wedding gown is just right for a bride that wants to avoid anything fussy in a wedding dress. This is where brides generally go if a formal wedding is in the works.

Bear in mind

The venue, season and theme of your wedding should also have an impact on how you choose the style of your dress.  A beach wedding calls for something completely different from that of a very formal wedding for instance, so bring it all together to make your dress the perfect expression of who you are and what your dreams are made of.

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