Don’t let others hijack your wedding dress shopping experience

So, your engagement was made official today, and before you can even absorb the enormity of it people will start asking about the date, a dread question for newly engaged couples.

But happen it will, with friends and family already plotting and planning things like décor, venue and menu long before you are ready for it.

And then there’s the question of the dress!

Oh the pitfalls here are legion! This one says you look stunning in this and another says not so, and this is when you really need to take charge, firmly, once fittings begin!

This is the once-in-a-lifetime dress for you and your opinion is tantamount to any other opinions, well-meant or not!

It’s not a bad idea to speak to a few ladies who’ve travelled down the same road your heading out on, just to get a good balance of what to do and what not to do.

Don’t let those with horror stories about their wedding dress shopping experience touch you in the least because that was their experience, this is yours, which will be infinitely different, armed with the good, bad and daunting opinions you’ll field to arm yourself for the journey.

Here are a few suggestions for retaining your right to choose your own wedding dress, your way!

Keep the entourage small and well-balanced

If you’re going to bring a few well-balanced friends along to fittings, make sure you select them well. You’ll need honesty from them, and definitely not the nasty kind!

In any event you’ll have experience on your side in the form of the team at Ever After Bridal to help steer you in the right direction, without helping you into a dress that’s just so wrong for you!

Ignore your budget at your own peril

This is a biggie that’s caught many a bride out in the enthusiasm and excitement of trying on wedding dresses.  Know your budget and discuss it with Ever After Bridal, so that they will care enough about you not to steer you to dresses that are way above what you intend to spend.

A little leeway for unexpected costs such as a few nips and tucks here and there, or other accessories you may need to add to the fitting experience. Once again, you can rely on the passionate team at Ever After Bridal not to push anything on you to up the bill to your detriment.

Don’t be afraid to try something different to what you had in mind

It’s here that many a bride has discovered that by keeping an open mind she has found that what she’d been looking for is completely different to the dress she falls in love with!

Be prepared to be surprised in the best possible way as you see the best possible reflection of yourself in the mirror, in a dress you’d never even considered!

Don’t forget the weather

Summer or winter, the season that will play host to your wedding will have a great impact on your comfort level. Instead of shivering through your vows on a chilly day or evening, plan on adding a little warmth to your shoulders by investing in a stunning stole, bolero jacket or perfectly styled cape for added dramatic effect.

Balmy afternoon or evening weddings in a warmer season may also call for a little lacy or embroidered cloud of comfort to protect you from the sun and dry air, especially if the wedding is taking place outdoors.

Take a stand on the dress you fall in love with, because no one sees the vision you have of what you’d dream of looking like on your wedding day, no compromises!

Contact Ever After Bridal to book your fitting for an awesome wedding dress shopping experience that won’t give anyone room to hijack your dream designer wedding dress journey!


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