Let no one hijack your wedding dress shopping experience!

The moment your engagement is made official, and before you can even absorb the enormity of it, everyone is going to start pestering you about the date, a question most newly engaged couples dread.

And, long before you’re even ready for it, friends and family will start plotting and planning things like, venue, them and menu too!

As for the question about your wedding dress, well, the pitfalls here are legion! This one says you look stunning in this and another says not so, but what you need to do when fittings begin is to remind all that this is your once-in-a-lifetime dress, and, that your opinion is going to be tantamount to any others, well-intentioned or not!

Here are a few ideas that may help you keep control of your own experience!

Be brave and stick to your budget

One of the first things you should do to keep your focus where it comes to your budget is to share it with the team Ever After Bridal Wear. You’ll find that by doing this, this team cares enough about you not to steer you towards dresses that will break your budget.

They will also be able to help you keep a little leeway for unexpected costs such as alterations or other accessories you may need. You can rely on this passionate team not to push anything on you to up the bill to your detriment.

Bring along a small entourage

Whoever you bring to fittings has to be well chosen. Whatever you do don’t bring anyone along who will be nasty or cynical; keep a good balance of those you can rely on for honesty of the best kind, those who want nothing but the best for you and are tagging along to soak up your joy as well.

Try something different

Many a bride who has kept an open mind she has found that what she’d been looking for is completely different to the dress she falls in love with and wears down the aisle!

Dress for the season

It’s essential to take the season in which you get married into account as it can have a huge impact on how comfortable you’ll be in your dress.

The last thing you want is to shiver through your vows on a cold day, which makes it a good idea to add warmth for your shoulders by including in a faux fur stole or beautifully styled cape for added dramatic effect.

Summer afternoon or evening weddings held outdoors could call for something like an embroidered or lacy bolero jacket to protect you from the sun and dry air.

Take a firm stand on the dress you’ve fallen in love with, because it’s your dream you are seeing come true, and it’s you who gets to look like a princess on your wedding day.

Contact the team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town to book your fitting for an unforgettable wedding dress shopping experience, one that won’t give anyone room to hijack your journey to a dream designer wedding dress!

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