Know your body shape before shopping for a wedding dress

You really do need to know your body shape before shopping for a wedding dress or the experience will be demoralising.  As much as you may love the A-line silhouette, if your body type doesn’t lend itself to this style, it’ll be difficult to shift your focus to one that does.

Getting the silhouette right from the start will make shopping for a wedding dress a far more enjoyable experience for you, having started on the right foot.

Your wedding dress is only going to be worn once, which makes doing your homework well worthwhile.

The skirt of your wedding dress is what determines the mood for the wedding dress, choose the wrong dress for your body shape and you’ll be looking at it with regret in your wedding album for the rest of your life!

The silhouettes range from sheath dresses, A-line, traditional ball gowns, mermaid silhouette, fishtail, empire and fishtail wedding dresses, and within these styles there is a wedding dress fit for any princess, provided the right one is chosen.

Let’s look at wedding dress styles to suit different body types:

Traditional Ball Gown wedding dresses

If your dream as a little girl was to look like Cinderella on your wedding day, then this is the dress style for you.  The style of the skirt can either be one that’s pretty structured or incredibly soft. This would depend on the fabric that is chosen for the gown.  This is the ultimate in a romantic wedding dress.

A-Line wedding dresses

The A-line dress is one that is narrow at the top and wider in the skirt, moving from the shoulders down to a flared skirt, which can be varied in a number of ways according to your taste, if this is what suits your body shape.

Fishtail wedding dresses

Although similar to the mermaid wedding dress, there are no pleats in the flare at the back, and it’s the perfect style for adding a contrasting colour in order to achieve the look of a fishtail, and to create a truly feminine silhouette.

Mermaid wedding dresses

This figure-hugging style of wedding dress moves down from a fitted top and cinches into the waist before flaring at the bottom of the dress.  You’d need curves in all the right places and perfect proportions to wear this style; there’s no place to hide anything you don’t like about your body shape in this style!

Empire wedding dresses

This is a beautiful style of wedding dress that starts flaring from below the bust to the bottom of the dress.  The Empire wedding dress is a wedding dress that’s perfectly suited to the fuller figure as well.

Sheath wedding dresses

This is a simple style that goes from the shoulders straight down to the waist, remaining straight along the body, without any flaring out.

If you aren’t sure about the style of wedding dress that’ll suit your body shape, book a consultation or fitting with Ever After Bridal. This team will assist you in finding the perfect silhouette that’ll make the most of your body shape, which will create a wedding dress shopping experience far less stressful than it already is.

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