How You Can Still Have a Fairytale Wedding Even on a Tight Budget

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. It feels as though whenever people hear the word “wedding”, they instantly double the price. And because we only want the best for our special day, we accept it and pay much more than we need to. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re here to tell you that having a beautiful, fairytale wedding is still possible even when your budget is tight. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can have the wedding you’ve always wanted without overspending.

1. Slim down Your Guest List

Only invite people that are relevant in your everyday life. Close friends and family are all that’s needed to celebrate the special occasion. Forget about everyone else’s feelings and invite only the people you really want to.

2. Host Your Wedding on a Friday or Sunday
By skipping the traditional Saturday reception, you can save a tremendous amount of money on your wedding. If your reception location is a sought-after spot, you might even be able to get married sooner. Additionally, if you book an off-season date, you’re more than likely to pay less for the venue.

3. Skip the Open Bar
If you’re afraid of offending guests because they have to pay for their own alcohol, think again. You can still offer a welcome drink and perhaps wine or champagne without breaking the budget.

4. Rent Your Wedding Gown
Wedding dresses are notoriously expensive. So if you don’t like the idea of paying for a dress that will be used once which after it will gather dust in your closet, why not consider renting your wedding dress?

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress should be a memorable experience but more often than not it’s frustrating. Especially when you bring along an entourage. Everyone has their own idea of what looks good and what doesn’t and it can be challenging to stay focused on what you want in the midst of all that noise.

Finding the right wedding dress can also be difficult due to budget constraints, weight issues or just the inability to make a decision. To make it easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how you should go about choosing the right wedding dress.

1. Find Inspiration

There are various sources for brides-to-be to get inspiration from – Bridal magazines, Pinterest etc. Take your time, look through pictures as many as possible and figure out what it is you like.

2. Choose the Right Dress for Your Body Type
A good place to start is to determine which dress style will suit and flatter your body type. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few options, you can start to work on the details.

3. Consider Your Budget
When it comes to weddings, things can add up quickly and before you know it your wedding would have cost you a fortune. Be realistic about your budget and keep in mind that your dress won’t be complete without accessories, so make provision in your budget for it.

4. Book Your Bridal Boutique Appointment in Advance
To ensure you get the special attention every bride-to-be deserves, make sure you book an appointment with one of our consultants. You don’t want to pop in on a Saturday and no one is available to help you.

5. Trust Your Consultant
The consultants at Everafter Bridal have many years of experience and all the skills required to help brides-to-be choose the perfect dress. Be honest with them about what you like and don’t like as well as your budget. This will help them find the perfect dress for your special day.

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4 Reasons to Choose a Ball Gown for Your Special Day

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess and the only time they can come close to fulfilling that dream, is on their wedding day. Ball gowns and princess go hand in hand so it’s only natural that many consider it for that one special occasion.

But, if you’re a bride-to-be that’s insecure or you have friends and relatives who are very opinionated about what you should wear, you could end up questioning your initial decision to wear a ball gown. You have to remember that your wedding dress will become immortalised in pictures which is why you should follow your heart and not the opinions of others. Here are 4 more reasons stick to your decision of wearing a ball gown:

1. When Will You Ever Get the Chance Again?
Ball gowns are elegant and you are guaranteed to feel like a queen on your special day. There will be many other occasions to wear a white sheath or A-line, but how often do you get the chance to go full-on ball gown?

2. Ball Gowns Work on Almost Any Body Type
No matter which body type you have, there’s a ball gown that will flatter it. Curvy women often opt for a full skirt and fitted bodice that puts emphasis on their bust and waist. Taller women get a statuesque, graceful effect by accentuating their height with a floor-skimming hemline. If you’re petite, make sure you select a curve-enhancing neckline.

3. It Will Give You More Options for Bridesmaid Dresses
Typically, bridesmaids wear a slightly less formal dress than the bride but if you wear an A-line or sheath, the options become limited. When paired with a ball gown, suddenly a floor length bridesmaid dress makes for an excellent scene on either side of your bold ball gown.

4. There Are Many Style Options to Choose From
Whether you want a romantic, Victorian dress or something more trendy and theatrical, there’s a ball gown that suits that look.

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Short or tall, petite or buxom, you deserve a wedding dress that makes dreams come true!

Every bride deserves to look like a princess on her wedding day. It’s a dream so many of us have had since we were little girls imagining the day we’d find our Prince Charming.

Well, you must have found your Prince Charming if you’ve started falling in love with wedding dresses you’ve pinned on your board, which means you’re in for an exciting journey to the dress of your dreams.

Every woman has an innate beauty that deserves to shine on her wedding day, but to get there means finding the wedding dress that makes the most of your natural assets.

Doing research into the right silhouettes before you go for your first fitting is going to be a fantastic start to your wedding dress shopping experience.

Let’s look different body shapes to get an idea of what to look for in your perfect wedding dress.


A pear shaped body generally means that you’ve narrow shoulders with wider hips, bottom and thighs.

The best silhouettes for you to look at is the A-line dress, which delicately shimmies over your hips and bottom.  A strapless wedding gown is also a great option for narrow shoulders, while intricate, sparkling waist details will draw attention away from your bottom.

A dropped-waist wedding dress is also a great choice for placing the emphasis on the upper half of your body.


If you’re larger in the bust and mid-section but have skinny legs, you’ll look great in something like a sweetheart neckline and a V-neckline. This lets you make the most of your awesome assets!

You might as well have some fun showing off your legs as well by looking at shorter dresses.


If you’ve an athletic straight from the top to bottom shape, you will have the option of showing off a fuller-style dress, unless you’d like to keep it slim line, in which case a one-shoulder neckline or sweetheart neckline will create the look of a fuller bust.

Full figure:

Voluptuous and curvy can be shown to stunning effect in a trumpet or mermaid style, creating a slimming effect while highlighting the beauty of your curves.  You’d also look beautiful in an A-line dress with a low neckline to celebrate your natural assets!


Your curvaceous bust and hips that meet at a small waistline are perfectly designed to sparkle in a beautifully fitted fishtail wedding dress. A sweetheart neckline is also a great idea if you’d like to highlight your assets in a tasteful, understated style.

With a shape like this you can add touches like sashes and belts to highlight those beautiful curves!

Trying on a dress you’ve fallen in love with but doesn’t do anything for your shape isn’t a road you want to go down.  You’ll need a few hankies for the tears that this could cause.

The passionate team at Ever After Bridal invite you into their world of stunning designer wedding dresses in Cape Town, where you’ll have all the support you need to find a wedding dress to suit your body shape.

If you’re planning to buy your dream wedding dress in Cape Town you’ve come to the right place.

Ever After Bridal knows exactly what it takes to help every bride find her fairy-tale wedding dress, and they love doing it!

This is a team that sees it as an honour to share the journey of every bride they dress, taking a personal interest in every aspect involved in finding the perfect wedding dress.

The thought and care that’s gone into selecting the collections available at Ever After Bridal means that there’s a stunning designer wedding dress in Cape Town for every bride, for every season and mood.

The joy that you’ll experience when you face the mirror in the wedding dress that makes you feel just like a princess is a joy that’s shared by this passionate team.

Whether you’re tall, short, petite or busty, there’s a wedding dress amongst these dream collections that’ll make your heart beat faster in anticipation of floating down the aisle on your unforgettable day.

What to expect from the wedding gown collections at Ever After Bridal:

Enzoani – ‘Blue’

The ‘Blue’ range from top international designer Enzoani is the epitome of what a modern-day fairy princess can look like as she glides down the aisle.

Chantilly lace, glitter, tulle, crystal buttons and beads all take centre stage in this stunning collection.

Enzoani – ‘Beautiful’

The name of this range speaks for itself.  Enzoani expresses sheer luxury and romance in the silhouettes and detailing used to produce wedding dresses that are designed to make any bride feel utterly beautiful on her wedding day!

Sophia Tolli:

If it’s a truly dramatic or romantic wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of, then Sophia Tolli has achieved it all in her exceptional range of designer wedding dresses.

Sophia Tolli has done a beautiful job of catering for every body shape in her range of wedding dresses.  Covering every silhouette, her collection is a stunning line is designed to offer the perfect fit for every bride.

Maggie Sottero:

This is a range of wedding dresses that covers every style from A-line to Mermaid right through to the classic ball gown perfect for every fairy tale bride.

Old-fashioned romance meets modern day couture in this collection of wedding dresses that again take into account every shape and silhouette.

Rebecca Ingram:

Rebecca introduces figure-hugging wedding dresses designed to inspire soft, floating illusions and images of youthful fairy’s shimmering down the aisle.  Style and great prices make this range one that won’t compromise the budget of any bride.

Let Ever After Bridal support you through your choices:

By the time you get to your first fitting at Ever After Bridal, you’ll probably have a good idea about the style and silhouette of wedding dress you’d love to wear, and this is where you’ll meet your perfect match.

The experience shared by this team after many years of dressing beautiful brides will ensure that the dress you’re looking for will be found among these stunning ranges.

Once you’ve found a style you love but want to buy it in a unique colour or size, it’ll be ordered for you directly from the designer, with pleasure!

Bring the dreams you have of yourself on your wedding day to the team at Ever After Bridal and they’ll open up the door to the most beautiful wedding dresses for sale in Cape Town.


Here’s what you need to know before you start trying on wedding dresses.

Being prepared in advance is going to make shopping for your wedding dress a lot easier than it would be otherwise.

If you’ve already scoured bridal magazines and bookmarked wedding dresses online, you’re on the right track for stress-free success.

How to prepare for the journey to your dream wedding dress:


The last thing you want is to get to your wedding day only to find that the bra you’re wearing spoils the fit of the beautiful wedding dress you’ll be wearing!

The right bra can make all the difference.  A strapless bra, or one with clear straps is one of the best investments you’ll make towards finding the perfect wedding dress.

To look like a princess you need to feel like one, inside out, and feeling like a princess starts with comfort in what you’re wearing, which leads to the confidence any glowing bride deserves to feel on her special day.


If you’re planning on wearing heels, make sure the heel you wear to the fitting will be the same height as what you’ll wear on your wedding day. If you try to do the fitting with flat shoes it’ll spoil the visual effect of every dress, even the one you fall in love with!

It’s pointless going to fittings with flat shoes if you’re going to be wearing high heels, and vice versa.


Makeup is a must, no matter how little you wear.  Fluorescent lights shining down on a sea of white satin and lace will make you see any minor flaws and shadows under your eyes that aren’t normally visible to you.

You don’t have to plaster the makeup on, just enough to make you feel good and give you colour in the brilliant white of a bridal shop.


When you start going to fittings, try to wear your hair as close to what you’re planning to wear on your wedding day.  The makeup and hair combined will make a big difference to the way you see yourself in all the dresses you’ll try on.  It’s worth the effort, especially when you get to the day when you fall totally in love with the dress you know is a resounding yes!

The fitting:

Once you start trying on wedding dresses, make sure you try them out for comfort.  The last thing you want is to be completely uncomfortable on the day should shine like a princess!

Sit, twirl and take a ‘pretend’ walk down the aisle before you say yes to a dress that’ll make any of this nigh on impossible.

Choose the team you’ll share this momentous journey with care:

Finding your dream wedding dress should one day be a wonderful memory, which is why it’s important that you find a bridal shop that’ll make you feel right at home from the first fitting.

If you’re looking for a wedding dress in Cape Town, you’re in the right place.  The team at Ever After Bridal are professionals who absolutely love what they do, and they’ve been doing it for many years.

If it’s a warm, welcoming and fun team you’d like at your side for an awesome journey into finding your dream wedding dress, you’ll find that at Ever After Bridal you’ll become a member of a happy family passionate about making your dreams come true!

5 Tips that’ll make your wedding dress shopping experience hassle-free.

As you launch into wedding dress shopping, you’re probably going to feel all tingly about looking like the princess you always dreamed of as a little girl, and that’s what the whole experience should feel like.

So much goes into planning the actual wedding that shopping for your dress should be as exciting and stress-free as possible, the real cherry on top of planning other minute details.

To make your wedding dress shopping experience more fun than stressful, there’re a few things you need to be on the lookout for, before you make your first booking for fittings.

Try these tips; you’ll be surprised at how the small things influence the experience:


Get an idea of the style and mood you’d like to reflect when you find the ‘yes’ dress.  There are online bridal magazines galore, so dive right in and save as many of the ones you love as reference for when start shopping.

Once you have a silhouette and style in mind, Ever After Bridal will help you to find the right wedding dress to match your ideas.

Browse through the Ever After Bridal portfolio that include the names of designers like Maggie Sottero, Enzoani, Rebecca Ingram and Sophia Tolli.

Without a doubt you’ll find the wedding dress of your dreams waiting for you in these collections.

While research is going to make the shopping experience a lot more focussed, try not to close your mind to all other options.  You may just miss out on that special dress you never even considered.


Yep, budget! Though every bride would love to have free licence with the credit card, most brides need to think about what to budget for when shopping for a wedding dress.

Don’t make the mistake of trying on and falling in love with a wedding dress that’s way out of budget, all it’ll cause is heartache and tears when what you really should be doing is having fun.

The team at Ever After Bridal will make sure that you don’t go down that road. More than anything, they want your time spent with them to remain as one of the best memories of your life!


Give yourself the time to try on, buy and fit your wedding dress at a stress-free pace.  Starting the journey around six months before the big day will give you a sense of peace, knowing that when you arrive to collect it, all the nipping and tucking will have been done.

Many stories, many brides:

Every bride that’s gone before you will have a story to tell you. Some will have had an awesome experience, then there’ll be those who’ll terrify you with horror stories about their experience.

Choose your experience with an open mind and it’ll be exactly what you dreamed it would be.


Even if friends and family are going to feel snubbed, try to limit your entourage to no more than three honest, true friends or family members.  Too many opinions are definitely going to confuse you and cloud your judgement.

It’s your wedding dress, no one else is wearing it but you so make your stand!

Ever After Bridal will make that stand with you, through all your choices and fittings, until finally they can celebrate the day you fall in love with the vision looking back at you in the mirror.

What to Include in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

When it comes to planning a wedding, a small part of your budget should always be set aside for an emergency kit. As we don’t wish bad on any bride, it’s recommended you rather be prepared than unprepared. This is something the bridal team can assist you with putting together and keep it on hand in case someone needs it.

Sewing Scissors and Mini Sewing Kit

Of course, when you accept your wedding dress, you check it with a great amount of detail. There might be the odd loose thread here and there. Be sure to keep a mini sewing kit close by to stitch the odd thread back into place or even cut it off with sewing scissors.

A Tube of Multi-Purpose Glue

Many brides don’t wear their wedding shoes or jewellery until their big day. You never know when the heel of your shoe might come loose or your jewellery hooking onto your dress and the crystals becoming loose. The same can be said for your bridal party, this can serve as a fix for just about anyone.

Speak to Your Dressmaker About Detergent Wipes

When collecting your wedding dress from your dressmaker, be sure to speak to them regarding detergent wipes or any sort of product which can be used on your dress in case you have a spill. This will ensure your dress remains clean until the end of your special day.

Pack in Your Feminine Hygiene Products

As your wedding day is set in advance, you can’t tell your flow to arrive when you want it to. To ensure you are prepared, be sure to pack in your preferred feminine hygiene products as well as a spare set of underwear.

In closing, you can’t always be prepared for every situation. As prevention is always better, by putting together an emergency wedding kit, you can mitigate some of the potential situations you might run into on your big day. Some of the other items you can include tweezers, tissues, phone charger and plasters.  It’s better to be prepared for any situation than stressing on your big day.

The Benefits of a Two-Piece Wedding Dress

A style fast becoming popular is the two-piece wedding dress. There are many benefits to this style of dress, from finding a top and skirt which both fit you perfectly, but it also enhances your silhouette. If you’re considering this style for your special day, here are three benefits to assist you with your decision.

Create A Unique Style for Your Wedding Dress

As this isn’t something many of your family or friends may have seen, this is the perfect opportunity for you to try something different and create a uniquely styled wedding dress. When comparing this to traditional wedding dresses, you tend to see the same sort of style in many of the boutiques. You can create a top custom to your silhouette with or without straps. The skirt can also be custom made exactly to your specifications.

Easy Packaging for Destination Weddings

If you’re planning a destination wedding, by having a two-piece dress, you can pack your dress a lot easier than if you had a full-length dress. If spacing is an issue for you, the two-piece dress can be packed either together or in two smaller wedding dress boxes.

You Can Wear the Dress Again

As it’s a two-piece wedding dress, you have the option of wearing either the combination together or separate after your special day and live that special moment again. The top of your wedding dress can be worn either with pants or a different style skirt. The sentiment is the same when it comes to the skirt.

These are just three of the many benefits of getting yourself a two-piece wedding dress. If you’re looking for something different for your wedding, be sure to visit Ever After Bridal. The teams combined years of experience will ensure you look like a princess on your big day.

How to Choose the Perfect Spring Wedding Dress

Your wedding is one of the most special moments you’ll have in your life. For some, that means, planning the perfect wedding and feeling like a princess on your big day. If you’re planning on getting married in Spring, here are some tips to help you design or even choose the perfect spring wedding dress.

Stay Warm as The Sun Sets

Within Cape Town’s springtime, although the daytime is a lot warmer, the evenings can still be cooler than what you’ve anticipated. As you can’t plan the weather around your big day, if you plan on getting married in spring, be sure to keep this in mind when designing your dress. You could check with your dressmaker if they can design a light throw to go over your shoulders for the evening time.

Incorporate Spring into Your Wedding Dress

It sounds obvious, but this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the season within your wedding dress. Whether it’s throughout the dress or even just on the top of the dress, you can make use of a floral lace over your dress. This adds a substantial amount of elegance to the dress which you might not have had if you went with a plain dress.

Choose A Design You’ll Be Comfortable In

When choosing your dress, you’ll need to make sure you’ll be comfortable as you’re going to be in the dress for a substantial amount of time. When designing or even trying on dresses keep the following in mind:

  • Can you move easily and freely in your dress?
  • Can you sit in your dress?
  • Will you require assistance when going to the bathroom?
  • Will you need a clip on your dress for the train when you on the dance floor?

Contact Ever After Bridal Today

These are just some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing your dress for your spring wedding. If you require assistance with choosing the perfect dress, visit the tea at Ever After Bridal. With over half a decade of experience, they’ll be able to assist you with planning your big day.