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Ever After Bridal has been dressing beautiful brides in Cape Town for over six years, and they treasure each moment shared with every bride, and, since no two brides are ever the same, each experience along the way is treated as one that is completely unique.

Ever After Bridal is committed to giving brides-to-be extra special attention and going the extra mile to make sure that they get the guidance they deserve as they start the process of finding the perfect wedding dress.

This is the dress you wear only once, which, on top of the upcoming wedding, can put tremendous pressure on any bride.

The ultimate goal at Ever After Bridal is to give their full attention to making sure that the journey undertaken with them will be a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

The designer dresses on display in the Ever After Bridal stores in Nelspruit and Durbanville reflect the attention paid by this team in selecting the most beautiful designer wedding dresses available for sale or rental, from top international wedding gown designers.

If you decide that you would like to buy or rent a wedding dress style in a unique colour or size, Ever After Bridal will order it direct from the designer; if it reflects your dream, it’s yours!

There is a style perfect for each bride walking through the doors at Ever After Bridal, from simple elegance to classic or romantic, whatever the mood is that you wish to set for your wedding day as you drift down the aisle.

No doubt, by the time you head for your first consultation at Ever After Bridal, you will already have gathered enough ideas about silhouettes that enhance your figure, colours that uplift your skin tone, while taking into account the mood of your wedding as well as the season.

It’s essential to make sure that you don’t melt during a summer wedding ceremony, or freeze at a winter wonderland wedding!  As always, comfort equals confidence – if you’re worrying about dripping with perspiration at the altar, or shivering down the aisle, it’s essential to add time of day and season to your search for the perfect wedding dress.

Ignore the stories of others who have had less than happy experiences on their journey to a wedding dress; this is your journey, and, if you make sure you have a team of wedding dress specialists at your side, there is no reason yours can’t be a stress-free experience.

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