Don’t allow anyone to bully you into buying the wrong wedding dress!

Heading out to shop for a wedding dress is daunting enough all on its own, but add to that a bully in the entourage you take to fittings who will try to get you into a wedding dress that doesn’t suit you in terms of silhouette and style is definitely not what you need.

You need to point out unequivocally that it’s your wedding day, your choice and your dress; even if it’s your mom you need to pull up by the socks!

It’s a dress you’ll be wearing only once, and, when you start your fittings you’ll need to make wise choices about who comes along and who doesn’t. The most important thing is not to be swayed by pressure from others, you’ll know when you’ve found the perfect dress, and that’s all that matters.

Here are a few tips that may help you stand your ground, in case there’s a bully around!

Stick to your guns when it comes to your budget

One of the first things you should do at your first fitting, is to be open and discuss your budget with the bridal consultants you’ve chosen for the journey.

If you’ve had the misfortune of meeting with a bridal consultant who doesn’t respect your budget and has no qualms about getting you to try on dresses way above budget, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town would suggest that you find someone you can trust to respect what you’ve set aside to spend on your dress.

To this awesome team it’s all about integrity, and it’s also all about making your dream come true at a time when the world economy has taken a complete dive!

Pay attention to the fine print of your contract for the dress

There is always a contract involved when you buy or hire a wedding dress, and, it should include as much as is possible at the outset regarding alterations, colour and sizing.

At Ever After Bridal Wear you’ll find that their experience of dressing brides for over ten years now has given them the experience to be able to gauge these expenses pretty well by now, which will be of great benefit to you.

Keep your entourage small

Believe it or not, the people you bring along to fittings can make or break your experience, which is why it’s very important to balance out who joins you on this journey.

Balance friends and family out so that you have at least one who will coat their honesty with love, one who will help calm your nerves; it’s a little like choosing a few special people to invite to dinner that you know will bring out the best in you and in each other.

The drama queen and mean friend should definitely not be invited to this experience that is focused on making your dreams come true!

If you don’t want to make those you haven’t invited to feel bad, send and share photos, or to set up a mini fashion show to parade the best of what you’re trying on, just to soothe any wounded egos.

Here’s an idea you may never have considered: invite a good male friend to fittings, a brother or father, or, if you can get a good friend of your future hubby to the fitting you’ll be in the pound seats for well-rounded advice!

Be careful about being tripped up by unnecessary alterations

This is where you really need a team of bridal consultants who know their stuff, so that you’ll have a good idea of what you could be looking at in terms of alterations.

Something as simple as shortening a hemline can give unscrupulous consultants an excuse to overcharge you, and if that’s what they do with simple, imagine what they’ll do with more intricate alterations!

If you’d prefer a good start on this journey with a passionate team committed to making sure that you’ll have all the support and honesty you could hope for, then the team at Ever After Bridal Shop in Durbanville, Cape Town, will make sure that no one gets to bully you on the way to your dream designer wedding dress!

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