Don’t allow anyone to bully you into buying the wrong wedding dress!

Starting out on shopping for a wedding dress is daunting enough on its own, but being bullied into buying or hiring a wedding dress that isn’t right in any way, whether budget-wise or silhouette and style wise, is just not what you need.

The wedding dress you wear is for your wedding day, and yours alone. No one else is going to be wearing that dress, which means no one has the right to bully you along the way, not even your mom!

You’ll be wearing this dress once, and considering the overwhelming amount of styles, colours and silhouettes you’ll be bombarded with online or in bridal magazines on your search, when it comes to fittings, put on your boxing gloves and march confidently to your own drum.

There will definitely be a huge drumroll the moment you find the dress you say an unequivocal ‘yes’ to, so don’t be swayed by pressure from others, you’ll know and that’s what matters.

Here are a few tips that will bully-proof you:

Plan to have a small but well-balanced entourage

Who you take with to fittings is going to be a very important decision because they can truly make the experience worse than you deserve it to be, in fact, it’s a make or break decision believe it or not.

Honesty coated with love is more important than you may believe, with the emphasis placed on honesty. This is the person that’ll soothe you when nerves get frazzled and who’s not going to be pushing buttons that really don’t need to be pushed on this challenging journey.

Keep your invites to fittings to just a few special people you’d consider great together at a dinner table, so that you know that each will bring a different gift to you as you try on and discard dresses. Make sure that they’re the kind that bring out the best in you.

Leave the drama queen and mean friend out of this, because focussing on your happiness and your time in the spotlight should be first and foremost for anyone being invited on this very special quest.

Since you can’t take everyone and you don’t want to make those you didn’t invite feel bad, take full advantage of mobile technology to send and share photos or to set up a mini fashion show to parade the best of what you’re trying on, just to keep them in the loop.

The sign on your list of invites needs to read ‘no bullies allowed’!

Here’s a tip: keep the one you’re actually going to be wearing a secret so that as they watch you glide down the aisle they’ll be just as stunned at your beauty as the rest of the guests!

Here’s a last thought any of us would have on our minds when going to fittings for the wedding dress – take a man along! If you can drag a good friend of Prince Charming to the fitting you’ll be in the pound seats when all around you are saying yes to every dress you fit!

Try your dad or brother as well if you can’t get the friend to come along – only make sure you swear them to secrecy with threats of bodily harm!

Let no one bully you about costs

If your budget didn’t matter you wouldn’t bother bringing it along to your first meeting with the bridal consultants you have chosen, would you?

The team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town suggest that if you’ve had the misfortune of finding a bridal consultant who will ignore your budget and send you in the direction of dresses way above it, cut the ties quickly!

You need a team that’ll respect your budget and advise you about anything you may not have included in it, so that if you’ve forgotten   about a veil (which happens in the excitement!) they’ll help you to work around it.

Don’t let the fine print catch you!

You’ll be signing a contract that should by all rights contain everything to do with alterations, colour of dress and sizing, so make sure you understand everything included in the fine print.

If you value integrity and honesty highly you’ll be in the right hands with the team at Ever After Bridal. They’ve been dressing brides for nine years and have yet to cause any pain to any bride in the fine print of any contract signed for a beautiful designer wedding dress.

Don’t let anyone trip you up with alterations that aren’t necessary!

If you’ve never done alterations how will you know what’s really necessary, unless you have a team supporting you who will give you absolute clarity about alterations.

Even something as simple as raising a hemline can be overcharged if you’re not careful about your choice of bridal store, and if that’s the case, imagine what they’ll charge for more intricate alterations!

Let Ever After Bridal Store in Durbanville, Cape Town, take care of you on this special journey. This is one passionate team that’ll make sure that you not only find your dream designer wedding dress, but that you won’t be bullied at any stage of the experience!

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