Trust Ever After Bridal to give you the best experience in finding your dream wedding dress!

Of all the things involved in wedding planning, nothing is quite as panic-inducing for a bride as not being able to find her dream wedding dress without falling apart in advance of her special day!

With limitless options to choose from, especially where it comes to the stunning range of designer dresses to be found at Ever After Bridal, one of the most overwhelming experiences in choosing that special dress is narrowing down the style that suits you!

If you have no idea about what you are looking for, the journey to saying yes can be one of endless frustration, creating a bridal nightmare that involves trying on hundreds of gowns, which will just lead to further confusion!

With the passionate team from Ever After Bridal at your side you can rely on individual attention, support and professional guidance that will be invaluable through this journey. Having an idea of what you are looking for before you start the search makes the process a lot less overwhelming and will help you to feel more confident where it comes to your decision making.

If you have a short timeline, Ever After Bridal has the solution in their designer wedding dress ranges that are available to rent, allowing you to breathe a little easier.  If you have the time to plan well in advance these same stunning ranges of wedding dresses are also for sale.

Shopping for your dream wedding dress should also factor in things like the mood and feeling of your wedding, whether it is a daytime or night time wedding and what the season will be. This narrows down your dress choice even further, making it easy for you to decide on which style perfectly suits everything about your fairytale day.

Finding a wedding dress that is a reflection of your personal style and vibe is going to make you feel that much more comfortable on your wedding day, bringing to life all the dreams you have of looking like a princess bride!

Steps to finding the wedding dress of your dreams from Ever After Bridal.

If possible, and if you are not on a tight schedule, try to start your search about nine months before your wedding day.  This will give you enough time to plan any alterations with the Ever After Bridal team. Bear in mind that if you are planning on adding beading or lace, or even changing up the neckline or train, it will take a little longer.  If you are pressured for time, speak to Ever After Bridal, there is always a solution to make sure every bride looks like a princess on her wedding day!

All the designer wedding dresses at the Ever After Bridal stores in Durbanville and Nelspruit are available to rent or buy, making it a little easier for you if push comes to shove in terms of time.

Make sure you come up with a realistic budget that will take into account any alterations you may want, fees that can always be discussed with the team at Ever After Bridal so that they can assist you to say yes and celebrate the day you find your dream wedding dress, knowing you have planned well in terms of your budget.

Before you actually go shopping for the perfect wedding dress at Ever After Bridal, take a look at the outline of the dresses you are interested in.  These wedding dress silhouettes fall into a few broad categories such as the ball gown, A-line, fit-and-flare, sheath and mermaid, among others.

It may be a good idea to try one of each the first time you go shopping for your wedding gown; it will make it a lot easier to start from a shape you know works best for you, making it less stressful to narrow down your choices from the beautiful designer dresses at Ever After Bridal.

Other important considerations on your way to the perfect wedding dress is to limit how many people you bring along, how you would like your wedding dress to make you feel, from sexy to understated or Victorian and anything in-between.

Make sure you take comfort into account, to look like a princess on your wedding day means you need to have the confidence to feel it in a dress easy to move around in, and whatever you do, make sure that in the end you choose a dress that is right for you and for no one else!

Remember that colour makes a difference when you are shopping for your dream wedding dress!

Once you have narrowed down the silhouette, mood and personal style of your dream wedding dress with the caring guidance of the team at Ever After Bridal at your side, you will need to start thinking about colour.

The colour of your dress will contribute as much to feeling confident and beautiful on your wedding day as the comfort, silhouette and mood will, and the hue of the fabric will do the same for your colouring.

The designer wedding dresses chosen by the team at Ever After Bridal have been selected from renowned designers such as Maggi Sottero, Enzoani and Sophia Tolli, and there is a variety of colours that cross the spectrum from bright white to creamy ivory or even bold pinks for you to choose from, taking into account your skin tone.

Choosing the right colour wedding dress will accentuate and complement your skin tone, as an example, whiter dresses may wash out those with fair skin, which means that you might need to look at something with a warmer ivory tone.

The passionate team at Ever After Bridal will assist you to try on different shades of white or colour until you find the hue perfect for you.  No doubt Ever After Bridal will make sure that you will be able to see what your dress looks like in natural light and indoor lighting, as this does have an effect on how the colour looks!

Your wedding dress represents the uniqueness of you, and by putting your best foot forward during trying on dresses, you will be able to truly asses how you feel in the wedding dress and how you will look on the wedding day, so if you feel great in curls, makeup and high heels or in clear lip gloss and flats, go for it, it will make it a lot easier to visualise the whole effect!

Remember, buying or renting your dream wedding dress from Ever After Bridal is an emotional decision so make sure you shop feeling like the best possible version of yourself!  No matter what the journey takes, you will have a phenomenal team at your side to guide and support you when you start the journey at Ever After Bridal!

Browse stunning collections of designer wedding dresses in Cape Town at Ever After Bridal.

Finding the perfect dress to wear on your wedding day is a daunting prospect to say the least, you will only be wearing it for one day, but it will last a lifetime in your memory and the wedding album of your fairytale day.

The stunning collections of designer wedding dresses in Durbanville, Cape Town are available for rental or purchase from Ever After Bridal, as well as in their beautiful store in Nelspruit, perfect to suit every bride’s budget.

Trying on and discarding wedding dress after wedding dress can be an adventure if you have the right team at your side, and if any team qualifies, it is the one from Ever After Bridal.  They have seen it all before, having dressed many brides over the 5 years since it was first established by Este Fourie.

Having grown from strength to strength through the highs and lows of many a bride who dreams of looking like a princess as she glides across an aisle strewn with rose petals, the passion displayed by Ever After Bridal for all they contribute towards this special day has been reflected in the joyful moments each bride has shared with them as they find that one magical wedding dress.

The designer wedding dresses chosen by Ever After Bridal are not picked from just any old range, they got together to pick the very best wedding designers, each of whom have won international acclaim for their talents worldwide.

You can look forward to an amazing array of wedding gowns designed by established names in the industry such as Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli and two ranges from the talents of Enzoani.  As each of these designers bring fresh talent in, Ever After Bridal keeps pace and adds a little more to this beautiful world of frothy lace, satin and pearls!

Visit the homepage on the Ever After Bridal to follow the steps towards making your first booking for a fitting and look forward to a special journey shared with people who love what they do!

Make your dream of looking like a princess on your wedding day come true with this team!

The team of bridal wear specialists from Ever After Bridal have been dressing brides for many years now with a love for what they do as strong as it ever was, which is exactly what you can look forward to when you join this team on the journey to finding the dream wedding dress that will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Based on this much experience, you can be sure that not only will your final choice of wedding gown make you feel beautiful, it will also make you feel comfortable and confident on one of the most important days of your life!  Whether you try on 5 dresses or 20 dresses before you find the one you fall in love with, Ever After Bridal will be your support every step of the way so that by the time you collect your dress, you will know that choosing Ever After Bridal to take the journey with you was the best decision ever made!

The beautiful selection of designer wedding dress for sale or for rental are all stunning reflections of the talented designers chosen by Ever After Bridal, each designer a top name internationally in their own right.  These designers include Sophia Tolli, Maggie Sottero, who has just added beautiful creations by Rebecca Ingram to her range, and two ranges from Enzoani, namely Beautiful by Enzoani and Blue by Enzoani.

Just scrolling through the portfolio of dream wedding dresses on the Ever After Bridal website will be of great inspiration for you before you even set foot into their world of dreamy lace and frothy silks.  You can also look forward to a lovely glass of champagne at the start of the journey as you join the Ever After Bridal team for the first step towards making your dream come true.

Make your dream of looking like a princess come true with the personal attention of the team at Ever After Bridal!

Enjoy a stress-free journey to the perfect wedding dress!

Ever After Bridal is committed to giving brides-to-be extra special attention and going the extra mile to make sure that they get the attention they deserve as they start the process of finding the perfect wedding dress.  This is the dress you wear only once, which, on top of the upcoming wedding, can put tremendous pressure on any bride, however, the Ever After Bridal team give their all in making sure that the journey undertaken with them will be a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

The team at Ever After Bridal love what they do and enjoy the excitement of every moment it takes for you to find that one perfect wedding dress you know will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.  With over six years worth of experience, dressing brides is a wonderful experience for all at Ever After Bridal, they treasure the moments shared on the journey with each bride, and since no two brides are ever the same, the experience is unique each time to this team.

The designer dresses on display in the Ever After Bridal stores in Nelspruit and Durbanville reflect the care that has been taken by this team in selecting the most beautiful designer wedding dresses available for sale or rental, which makes it easy on the budget for every bride.  If you decide that you would like to buy a style in a unique colour or size, Ever After Bridal will order it direct from the designer, if it reflects your dream it’s yours!

There is a style perfect for each bride walking through the doors at Ever After Bridal, from simple elegance to classic or romantic, whatever the mood is that you wish to set for your wedding day as you drift down the aisle, you can be absolutely certain that among the ranges designed by world renowned wedding dress designers, there is a dress to suit you perfectly.

Choose the Ever After Bridal team to take the journey with you and look forward to the undivided attention of a passionate team who will take you through the process without the stress.

Creations from world-renowned designers grace the range of wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal.

No matter how many wedding dresses you need to try on in order to find the one that matches all your dreams, the team at Ever After Bridal have seen it all before, what matters most to this passionate team is the day you stand in front of the mirror knowing this is the one, this is one day Ever After Bridal has shared with many brides over the years, and one that makes the love for what they do so worthwhile.

To Ever After Bridal it’s all about making dreams come true and being part of this very important journey, every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and this team offers you phenomenal support as you go through what can be a pretty taxing period of trying on and discarding wedding dresses along the way to your dream wedding dress.

The dream range of designer dresses on offer at Ever After Bridal, which are for sale or renting, come from highly respected international wedding gown designers, all carefully selected for Ever after Bridal brides to be.

Maggie Sottero is one of the ranges carried proudly by Ever After Bridal, which also includes the work of Rebecca Ingram, the latest addition to Maggie Sottero Designs.  The wedding dress designs by Rebecca Ingram offer timeless elegance and superior quality for the value-conscious bride, featuring flattering silhouettes, understated embellishments and more.

The Enzoani range of stunning designer wedding dresses includes the ‘Beautiful’ Enzoani and ‘Blue’ Enzoani ranges.  The Beautiful by Enzoani range offers a clean elegance at a modest price with gowns that display delicate feminine styling. The Blue by Enzoani range of wedding dresses focus on a slightly more youthful, moderately priced range of wedding dresses, making them accessible for every budget.

The beautiful range of wedding dresses designed by Sophia Tolli, yet another internationally renowned designer of dream wedding dresses, features gowns that reflect two distinct moods, alternating between soft classic romanticism and traditional bridal drama.

With this array of gowns to choose from, along with the help of the supportive and passionate Ever After Bridal team, there is no doubt that your dream wedding dress is just a few fittings away from being a reality once you step into their beautiful shops in Nelspruit and Durbanville!

A few pointers to consider before going about finding your perfect wedding dress.

There are few things that you can get together before you go about finding your perfect wedding dress at Ever After Bridal, and one of them is to ensure that you will be wearing a strapless bra, or one with clear straps, this is definitely a non-negotiable point where it comes to fitting on your wedding dress, wearing the undergarments that are planned for your wedding day.  It is also essential to make sure that your undergarments fit perfectly, especially if you have lost or gained weight, it can make a big difference to how your winning wedding dress will fit.

While you definitely don’t have to put a ton of makeup on while you are fitting wedding dresses, it is a good idea to wear just enough to feel good, especially when you consider that being surrounded by a world of white fabric can make any under-eye circles that were barely noticeable look a bit more stark, and the last thing you want is to feel less than confident in your own innate beauty as you try on wedding dresses.

Another good idea is to try and wear your hair as you plan to on your wedding day, it will definitely make a difference to the way you see yourself in the dresses as you try them on. Try on your wedding dresses with the shoes you are planning to wear at the wedding as well to make it easier too.

Ever After Bridal consists of a team who love what they do, and since they are not the designers of the wedding dresses you are trying on, it is important that you remember that you cannot hurt their feelings by saying ‘no’ to dresses you feel don’t match your dreams and visions.

You can trust that if this team of professionals, who have been dressing brides for many years already, tells you that you can do better, it will be a truth that comes from them to show just how much they really care that you find your perfect dream wedding dress, which is priceless advice during such a momentous process.

As you search for the dress you know is the one that will make you look and feel like a princess on the day of your wedding, walk around, sit and even twirl around in the dresses as you try them on, this will help you find the wedding dress that will make you feel like you never want to take it off!

Ever After Bridal will present you with a choice of designer wedding dresses that come from top international designers Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tollie and Enzoani, and as the process evolves, you can be absolutely confident that you will have a team at your side who really cares about you, one that will find as much joy as you on the day you find that perfect wedding dress!

Join Ever After Bridal in their world of lace, satin and silk to find the perfect wedding dress.

When you have the undivided personal attention of a team like Ever After Bridal to help you on your journey to the perfect wedding dress, the whole process gets a little easier, knowing that you can rely on the experience of a team who have been dressing brides for many happy years already.

The exquisite range of designer wedding dresses stocked by Ever After Bridal come from the talents of internationally recognised designers Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tollie and Enzoani, all of which have been selected to make sure that every bride that takes the journey with Ever After Bridal walks down the aisle looking like a princess on her wedding day.

Wedding dresses in the Ever After Bridal shops in Durbanville, Cape Town and Benoni, Gauteng, are available to rent or to hire, and even if you find a style of wedding dress you love but would like to try in a unique colour or size, the Ever After Bridal team will order it directly from the designer with pleasure, all that matters to this team is that your wedding dress will match your dreams.

Ever After Bridal has the experience to know just how stressful finding the perfect wedding dress can be and they are committed to making it as much of an adventure as possible, so that your experience will be as stress-free as possible in their world of lace, satin and silk!

The team at Ever After Bridal are professionals who really love the magical world they inhabit, and they work hand in hand to offer all the support and guidance you could need throughout your fittings, encouraging you to find your own unique expression of individuality so that they can be right at your side the day you find the perfect wedding dress looking back at you in the mirror!

Find your one-in-a-million wedding dress at Ever After Bridal!

The team of ladies at Ever After Bridal have been dressing brides for over six years now, and in the process they have been able to express their passion for what they do by sharing in the joy, laughter and even the tears that come with a journey as important as finding your dream wedding dress.

This is a team that really wants to be the kind of support every bride deserves on the journey to making her dreams come true, no matter how many fittings are done, so that the decision is made as easy as it could possibly be considering just how much every woman wants to look like a princess on your wedding day.  Ever After Bridal offers the kind of personal attention and moral support that every bride needs on this journey that will culminate in that magical moment when you look in the mirror and know you have found the perfect wedding dress!

Ever After Bridal knows just how important this journey is for you, they know that your wedding dress will echo through the years as wedding albums and videos are shared, and they care deeply that the memory of your search will play a happy role in the memories that culminate on your wedding day.

Although it may seem impossible to make your decision from the beautiful designer wedding dresses available at Ever After Bridal, with the honest and experienced advice of a team who love what they do and understand how challenging the decisions are, you will, without a doubt find that dress in a million which expresses your individuality to perfection and completes your dream of looking like a princess!

When you undertake to find your wedding dress with the team at Ever After Bridal you will not only be looking for the dress of your dreams, you will also find that you have become part of a family who care very much about helping you make your dreams come true!